Global Network for Philanthropy Deepens Cooperation, Adds Members

April 9, 2024

Myriad Alliance Takes Next Steps to Simplify Cross Border Giving Across Six Continents

In an era of burgeoning global connections, the drive for philanthropy increasingly transcends borders. In response, the members of the Myriad Alliance are deepening their cooperation and expanding membership to streamline and enhance cross-border giving.

The Myriad Alliance, a global network of organizations that each provide cross-border grant services to donors, is announcing specific steps to expand reach and membership and to strengthen the global capabilities of each member. In 2023 alone, the Myriad Alliance collectively granted over US$340 million to charitable programs in 113 countries and across a wide variety of topics, including education, the arts, disaster response, health services, climate change, and much more.

Today, Alliance members are announcing the following steps to develop the network:

  • The King Baudouin Foundation announces the launch of Myriad Europe, a new initiative working with donors across Europe to support their global philanthropy and leveraging the expertise of the entire Myriad Alliance.
  • The Gift Trust announces its membership in the Myriad Alliance. Serving as the leading national-level donor advised fund for New Zealand, the Gift Trust now offers grant-making capabilities to charitable causes worldwide backed by the shared expertise within the Alliance.
  • KBF Canada is now rebranded as Myriad Canada, reflecting the organization’s ambition to align within the Myriad Alliance to improve its global collaborations.
  • Give2Asia Australia is now Myriad Australia, marking an expansion of its services beyond Asia to support philanthropy for poverty alleviation around the world.
  • The Myriad Alliance’s steering committee is appointing Birger Stamperdahl to serve as the Alliance CEO, in addition to his role as President & CEO of Give2Asia. In his Alliance role, Stamperdahl will seek new members and build collaborations within the network.

“Corporations, family offices, wealth managers, charitable organizations, and individuals have relied on our members over the years for advice, implementation, and operational management. We help them to turn goodwill into positive impact for people and places around the world,” said Birger Stamperdahl, CEO of the Myriad Alliance. “By strengthening the Alliance, we are substantially expanding our collective capacity to identify opportunities for cross-border collaborations and for our members to provide the most efficient services for grant-making.”

About the Myriad Alliance

Formed in 2021, the Myriad Alliance connects donors with an established global community of peers and partners who possess deep knowledge of philanthropic causes, as well as the legal, fiscal, and cultural contexts vital to turning good intentions into positive actions.

The current seven members include:

  • Myriad Europe, a new service for the continent’s global philanthropy and launched by Belgium’s King Baudouin Foundation (KBF), which is a founding member of Transnational Giving Europe;
  • The Gift Trust of New Zealand, the leading national donor advised fund with deep ties to the Pacific Islands and beyond;
  • Give2Asia in the U.S., the global leader in philanthropic grantmaking into China;
  • Give2Asia Foundation in Hong Kong SAR, the hub for Asia’s regional philanthropy from China;
  • Myriad Australia, formerly Give2Asia Australia, with its global capabilities to fund poverty alleviation in partnership with private donors;
  • Myriad Canada, formerly KBF Canada, partnering with Canadian funders for charitable projects worldwide; and
  • Myriad USA, formerly KBFUS, now providing a global footprint for US donors reaching out to the world.

The members of the Myriad Alliance offer:

  • International philanthropy services for donors, including available local tax benefits.
  • Streamlined funding platforms for charities across six continents to reach international donors.
  • Expedited and direct campaign funding to trusted local organizations through the Myriad Alliance’s growing DisasterLink response network.
  • An extensive global network for corporations to pursue philanthropic goals and engage with communities.
  • Estate planning services, enabling the creation of bequests with international reach to ensure that legacies endure.
  • Art giving initiatives, ensuring the preservation of artworks in major museums for generations to come.
  • Ongoing exchanges of ideas and inspiration, bringing together donors, charitable organizations, and philanthropic foundations to share best practices and generate creative approaches to the challenges of cross-border giving.

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