Facilitating thoughtful, effective giving across borders.

Myriad USA is the leading resource for philanthropic giving overseas – a trusted advisor to individuals, families, corporations, and foundations seeking to support their favorite causes, anywhere across the globe. Myriad USA brings together the expertise of the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS) and Give2Asia, uniting two longtime partners. KBFUS changed its name to Myriad USA in January 2024, and under this new brand now provides donors with a simple and efficient platform to support nonprofit initiatives around the world.

Myriad USA offers several services to U.S. donors and foreign nonprofit organizations, including: Donor advised funds, Legacy funds, Disaster response funds, Corporate Plus Advisory Services, Myriad ART for gifts of artworks, and American friends funds for foreign nonprofits seeking to raise funds in the United States. Myriad USA is also an experienced ‘philanthropy architect’ – we adopt a flexible approach and develop tailor-made solutions when needed.

Others are active in the field of international giving, so what makes us different? Myriad USA is built on a better, more generous model that leverages local expertise and prioritizes flexibility. Our board and our team reflect the regions and communities we serve. We share the passion of our nonprofit partners and welcome them to our offices in New York City, where they can host meetings or catch up on work. Through our programs, we spotlight social innovators and enable foreign nonprofits to learn more about successful development strategies. In addition, we provide great customer service, work with dedicated fund managers, and our fees are competitive and transparent.

Myriad USA is a U.S. public charity within the meaning of Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors are eligible for a U.S. income tax deduction for their contributions, to the extent permitted by U.S. tax law.